Zynga to Release its First Mobile NFT Games Later This Year

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Mobile gaming giant, Zynga, has announced that its first NFT and blockchain games will arrive later in the year. As a result, the Farmville developer will release a set of brand new titles custom built for the burgeoning technology.

Despite backlash received by its counterparts, Zynga sees a big future for NFTs in the gaming industry. However, as gamers hold open disdain for mobile titles, it may escape the brunt of the usual twitterstorms. Regardless of this, it will not as yet attempt to retrofit blockchain tech into its existing titles. Instead, opting to create brand new games with an entirely optional crypto-based mechanic.

The multi-billion dollar outfit made waves last year with the appointment of a specialized crypto division. At the helm is gaming veteran, Matt Wolfe, supported by a 15 strong team of crypto focused professionals. However, with the project stepping up a gear throughout 2022, Zynga revealed it plans to expand to almost 100 members.

On an additional note, fellow crypto curious industry heavyweight, Take Two, has launched a takeover bid for the plucky gaming platform. As such, it has tabled a massive $12.7 billion dollar offer to acquire the company. Whatever happens, we are all in for a wild crypto gaming ride throughout the coming twelve months.

Source: https://nftplazas.com/zynga-mobile-nft-games/

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