ZED RUN Lending Incoming – The Time to Prep Horses is Now!

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Busy pioneer of equestrian excellence, ZED RUN, has hit the headlines once again for all the right reasons. This time, announcing the imminent arrival of its eagerly awaited peer-to-peer lending protocol.

In a move that also sees the first utility of the brand-new ZED Token, ZED RUN will soon launch its lending platform to enable existing stable owners to potentially monetize their idle thoroughbreds, while also allowing those new to the platform to participate with a minimal financial outlay.

Did someone ask for utility? https://t.co/xvOnR9plUipic.twitter.com/7BjqmRhjQJ

— ZED RUN (@zed_run) August 3, 2022

To get going, those wily horse owners must first stake the ZED Token to acquire one lending permit per horse entering the program. Then, they can interact with the platform to nominate any thoroughbreds they wish to lease. After which, the interested racer can borrow any mounts that catch their eye via the lending marketplace, before engaging with the ZED RUN ecosystem.

Once initiated, the horses will remain secured within a trustless lending smart contract, which essentially allows the borrower to race in free and paid races as well as tournaments. However, this will prevent them from either breeding or selling their chosen steed. Should the amateur racer then achieve success on the track, the lending contract will automatically distribute the winnings equally to the horse owner and the borrower.

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Source: https://nftplazas.com/zed-run-lending-incoming/

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