ZED RUN Airdrop Goes Live – Find Out How to Claim Yours!

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Futuristic horse racing shenanigans have reached fever pitch as ZED RUN defies crypto winter with the launch its governance token. This means oodles of tasty coin descending on eligible members, so read on to find out how to claim yours!

Partnering with the maestros over at Future Labs, ZED RUN has finally launched its long-awaited governance token. Now, promising a future where the ZED Token takes centre stage as the platform evolves beyond its current means, meaning bags more utility, gloriously self-governed rewards, and a myriad of further earning potential, all kicking off with the thoroughbred lending protocol arriving very soon to the ZED RUN ecosystem.

All in all, ZED RUN will cap its brand-new governance vehicle to 1 billion tokens, distributing 15% to its team, 18.28% to its backers, 34.72% to the rewards treasury and a further 25% to bolster token governance. Thus, leaving an additional 7% to fuel the gloriously anticipated ZED Token airdrop.

The Mighty ZED RUN Airdrop

Speaking of which, long-term supporters of the ZED RUN project can take away their own share of delectable coin, with 33% of the airdrop allocation reserved entirely based on horse ownership. Meanwhile, the remaining 67% will reward activity on the platform, so stable owners will receive a share for participating in paid races (22.63%), taking part in free races (12.28%), breeding (25.59%), activation (4%), support (1%) and owning participating sponsorship merchandise (1.5%).

This is all based on a snapshot of active wallets taken on June 1. To claim, head over to the ZED Token website, connect the wallet, engage the airdrop, then watch those delicious coins roll in. All the while, Future Labs will take care of any gas fees. Eligible parties will have 90 days to claim, after which, any remaining coin will be swallowed up by the rewards treasury.

Head to the ZED Token website >> Here

Source: https://nftplazas.com/zed-run-airdrop/

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