Yuga Labs Onboards Roar Studios to Refine the Otherside

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Web3 trailblazer, Yuga Labs, has revealed the imminent acquisition of Metaverse start-up, Roar Studios, in order to help accelerate its Otherside project.

Roar Studios, the innovative thinkers behind the development of ROAR – a revolutionary media platform that enables artists and fans to interact and collaborate from anywhere in real time – is bringing its talents to the Otherside ecosystem. With this convergence, opportunities for self-expression and community engagements will bolster, enabling all digital universe explorers to collaborate, connect and compete on-the-spot, in ways hitherto unseen.

Ethos centered around this collaboration include developing a self-directing entertainment hub whereby experiments are fueled by not only content curators but also community consensus while in the moment. 

We are proud to announce Yuga Labs is acquiring Roar Studios, a music and metaverse startup led by long-time entertainment Executive, Eric Reid, to execute our expansive vision for @OthersideMeta.

For more, read here: https://t.co/Ll9OMrSwEP. pic.twitter.com/o2FankWun2

— Yuga Labs (@yugalabs) July 31, 2023

Fusing New Endeavors with Leadership 

In the wake of the collaboration, the central brain behind Roar Studios, Eric Reid, now has the all-important role of being the General Manager of Yuga Labs’ Otherside Metaverse. His fundamental obligations revolve around fine-tuning the Metaverse’s vision; developing and supervising growth alongside Yuga’s savvy game, audio and AI engineers. 

On top of founding Roar Studios, Reid has hoarded more than two decades of experience in the entertainment sector, developing and distributing film and music content, including the world-famous film franchise UNDERWORLD. Now, he is eager to boost Yuga’s media and innovative experiences to enthralling prospects. 

As Yuga Labs delve deeper into the creation of its vibrant Otherside Metaverse, Roar Studios’ paramount expertise and cutting-edge creativity will likely prove pivotal.

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