Yoomoota Universe Drops Inaugural ‘Curiosity’ NFT Collection

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Introducing Yoomoota, a parallel universe which depicts the very essence of human existence in the form of planets and their inhabitants. Underpinned by an artistic semblance from the genius mind of award-winning artist Taras Zheltyshev, the project offers its community an array of perks that extend beyond mere digital collectibles, as the unique metaverse encourages its community to immerse themselves in limitless exploration, acquisition and realization.

The project is kicking-off with a collection that’s centered around curiosity; the very trait that’s responsible for all of mankind’s successful physical, emotional and spiritual voyages. 

The Collection 

Yoomoota’s inaugural Curiosity NFT collection features 10,000 generative handcrafted avatars, each of which possesses nine features and 250+ traits. The collection’s artistic inspiration stems straight from the hands of a multidisciplinary and illustrious artist, Zheltyshev Taras.

Each Curiosity avatar, who collectively appear as the first creatures to inhabit the Yoomoota universe, comes in a humanoid body with a ‘sphere of knowledge’ to depict their human-like cranium.

As Curiosities explore more and more of the universe, their sphere will fill with knowledge, which, in turn, will provide them with added attributes such as clothing, accessories, and many more. The pinnacle and most rare of all attributes is the ‘helmet,’ as it helps restore unique knowledge about Yoomoota whilst giving superpowers to its possessor.

The Drop 

There will be two stages to the Curiosity NFT collection sale, both of which having TBA dates. The first will be a whitelist pre-sale, which will offer those on the project’s whitelist 48-hour early access to mint Curiosity NFTs before the public sale.

The public sale will then launch, where all remaining Curiosity NFTs will be on offer. As of now, the price of Curiosity NFTs is also TBA.

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Yoomoota NFT Holder Perks

Yoomoota NFT holders will receive access to a number of unique benefits which increase in utility as members’ Yootmoota NFT portfolio increases. 

If specifically purchasing a Curiosity NFT, you can expect to receive perks such as whitelist spot offerings for the second Yoomoota NFT collection and WAGMI Team collections with future artists.

In a more general sense, Yoomoota NFT holders will receive a free genesis chapter airdrop for the Yoomoota game, with those owning three or more NFTs receiving three. A $YOO token airdrop will be offered to those owning five or more NFTs, and a free genesis Plot airdrop for NFT holders with over eight NFTs.

With the project planning to launch a WAGMI Game Guild and a mini-game, there will be 3D toy prizes on offer for winners, as well as 300 AR prints and 500 pins raffles.

The community can also expect monthly NFT giveaways from the reserve of NFTs which the developers will invest in to maintain their minimum prices. There will also be opportunities to build a physical collection through merchandise giveaways.

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The Team

The Yoomoota team is made up of the founders of WAGMI, which is a company which owns  NFT consulting firm WAGMI Team Agency, and WAGMI Game & Breeding Guild. Just as importantly, the team also includes the highly-reverred artist Taras Zheltyshev, who is the creative mastermind behind the Curiosity NFT aesthetic. 

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Source: https://nftplazas.com/yoomoota-universe-curiosity-nft-collection/

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