y00ts Stirs Things Up Atop the NFT Collectibles Charts

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As doomsday merchants and naysayers continue to proclaim the death of NFTs, along comes y00ts to prove there’s life in the old dog yet, storming into contention with a debut to blitz all competition and crash the party at the top of the NFT sales rankings.

Arriving a little late to the show, the y00ts build up was plagued with controversy. From the Twitter megalomaniacs dropping a temporary ban on its associated accounts, to the late discovery of a blocker bug lurking within the smart contract.

Despite the delays however, the drop caused no end of commotion on the blockchain, with the collection raising a staggering 190k SOL ($6.1m) in its first 24 hours and elbowing its way to the top of the sales charts. Since the launch, y00ts has continued its momentum and now sits on a staggering floor price of 149 SOL ($5200).

t00bs: your ticket to y00topia.

sunday. september 4th. 2PM PST. (most likely). pic.twitter.com/NvUEoknoRx

— y00ts (@y00tsNFT) September 3, 2022

y00ts represents the latest project to come out of the DeGods school of NFT community building, arriving on the scene in a whitest only mint using their own $DUST utility token. Now, as the dust begins to settle, partner project, Dust Labs has revealed an additional $7 million in fundraising to help finance a suite of NFT community building tools.

All in all, a big statement of intent from Solana, as Ethereum gears up for its long-awaited merge.

Source: https://nftplazas.com/y00ts-top-nft-charts/

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