WoW Announces Capacitors Can be Converted to Digital Homes

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World of Women (WoW), the inclusion-focused NFT ecosystem, has made an announcement regarding its latest drop, Capacitors. After this latest effort was teased within the ecosystem, WoW had the assets airdropped to all community members. 

According to the latest Medium post, WoW has announced that the Capacitors can be used to redeem virtual homes.

A Home in the Metaverse

It is worth noting that the Capacitors assets are part of the official rollout for the WoWverse. With that in mind, those who hold Capacitors can use them to redeem OnCyber virtual homes.

This will take place from August 31, 2022, and depending on the type of Capacitors that users hold, the virtual homes they can redeem differ. Those who hold green Capacitors can access the Nebula Quarters while those with the blue ones can access the Origin Residence, both of which were designed by WoW  CEO & Chief Creative Officer Yam Karkai.

All these virtual homes can be customized to suit users’ tastes and according to WoW, this is in a bid to help them establish their digital identity in the WoWverse. 

This initiative is crucial in bringing the WoW community together beyond PFPs, to personally create and explore the nature of digital identities,” the post says. 

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