WoW and The Sandbox Announce $25 Million Inclusivity Foundation

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The World of Women NFT collection and The Sandbox have partnered up to launch an inclusivity program with a $25 million backing over 5 years. The program is called the ‘WoW Foundation,’ and will promote the presence of women in Web3 ecosystems through educational and mentorship initiatives. 

The joint venture is an extension of the preexisting values of the illustrious World of Women NFT collection, which was set up in July 2021 to combat the the lack of female artist involvement (a mere 5% to be precise) within NFT art sales in the 21 months prior to its inauguration.  

With this sociological issue in mind, the foundation’s funding will be used to launch a virtual academy for female artists, as well as to invest in diverse and inclusive spaces for women in Web3. In doing so, and by acting as an incubator, advisor, and platform to enter The Sandbox ecosystem, the partnership aims to encourage more female participation in the space.

The WoW Foundation will also offer free online lessons on all things Web3, which will take place via immersive experiences in The Sandbox. Once students have completed the course, they will receive a certified ‘NFT diploma’. A WoW Museum will also be established in The Sandbox, which will showcase the journey and achievements of the foundation and its students. 

In a recent press release, co-founder and CEO of The Sandbox, Sebastien Borget, had this to say on the empowering initiative: “Through facilitating the education and funding of women’s projects we hope these programs help establish a generation of influential women builders in the space”.

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