Worldwide Webb Battle Royale Goes Live – NFT Plazas

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As the American contingent continued in their blissful slumber, chaos reared its anarchic head in the rest of the Metaverse. Early in the day on February 9, ‘Worldwide Webb’ launched its all guns-a-blazing battle royale slug fest. Thereby ensuring that peace and quiet was cast aside in favor of pixelated vengeance.

Worldwide Webb essentially comes in as a blockchain powered MMORPG where gamers must don the guise of their favorite NFTs to defend Chain City from the villainous ‘Rugpullz.’ Through the platform, players can own Land on which they can build a base of operations. As well as import participating NFT collections and craft tokenized weapons.

PvP Arrives on the Scene

The latest development, however, sees a pivot into a multiplayer battle arena (MOBA) where fans can engage in 5v5 player battles to defeat the scourge of ‘each other.’ A move that has caught the attention of the NFT community, which has consequently been locked in a fierce conflict ever since. One that could very possibly continue well into the realm of forever!

The battle has begun.

Join the fight:

— Worldwide Webb (@Worldwide_WEB3) February 8, 2023

Those looking to join in the mayhem will meet a frantic, no-holds barred, top-down fighting arena. Inside which, gamers must face a constant barrage of pixelated projectiles until they either vanquish their foes, or lie dead on the battlefield. Whatever happens, however, Worldwide Webb will never be the same again!

Give Worldwide Webb a whirl >> Here

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