World Table Tennis Announces Incoming Web3 and NFT Projects

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It seems table tennis lovers are about to get their own NFT experience. This comes as World Table Tennis, which is part of the governing body for the sport, has announced that it will be exploring Web3 and NFT-focused projects moving forward. These projects will be developed as part of its new partnership with NFT Tech, a startup that will help the body expand the sport into the digital world. 

Table Tennis in the Metaverse?

As per the official statement, this partnership will see digital collectibles, metaverse experiences, play-to-earn and move-to-earn gaming being released. This also means that table tennis will join other popular sports like basketball and football that have seen both governing bodies and individual clubs join in on the NFT movement. 

Over the last few years, we’ve seen fans get collectables of their favourite players and clubs and even more ‘practical’ NFTs that give access to real-life events or products. As NFT Tech CEO Adam De Cata said in a recent statement, many of these will be explored once projects are officially announced. 

Using NFT technology, we will actively explore the ‘IRL’ utility and access possibilities such as tickets to tournaments, training facilities and online broadcasts to VIP events,” he said. 


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