Wolf Game Leads the Pack with Three Thrilling P2E Mini-Games

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In a pioneering move that’s making Web3 enthusiasts and mainstream gamers howl with joy, the popular PvP arena ‘Wolf Game‘ debuts its brand new feature, ‘The Peak’, opening adrenaline-fueled play-to-earn (P2E) mini-games when players casually pair with randomly selected opponents. 

The playful combat arena welcomes seasoned players and newcomers to partake in three thrilling games to tussle for profitable $WOOL rewards. These competitive activities leave players with all or nothing: 

    • Wolf Wits: A strategic card game whereby players can control a team of wolves and sheep. Through clever card skills and maneuvering, players must outperform their components to secure victory. ‘Special Abilities’ twist the outcome. 
    • Tug of WOOL: An intense game-theory-based contest whereby gamers control the same amount of sheep to outwit and compete against their rivals. Only players on the ball (or wool) can claim the top spot in this strategy battle. If both players lose their sheep, a rematch commences. 
    • Water Wall: The main objective of this exciting board game is to create a channel that merges two sides. Players must race against time to demonstrate their tactical understanding, being the first to build a stream linking to their designated spot to be crowned the winner. 


A duo of beta games awaits you tomorrow.

Tug of WOOL begins at 12 PM EST, with Wolf Wits trailing at 10 PM EST. Opt-in opens 10 minutes before each start time.

With each beta game, we near closer to the opening of The Slope and The Summit.

– The Shepherd

— Wolf Game (@wolfdotgame) July 8, 2023

The Peak Ascends Gamers to Greater Heights

The Peak presents a tiered system, enshrining The Slope, The Summit and The Base. Players must possess a duo of critical components to kickstart gameplay: an entry fee of $WOOL and ‘Peak Credits’.

The stimulation doesn’t stop there however: Wolf Game continues to deliver diverse gameplay escapades across its 100 Farm Communities, strengthening healthy competition through its resource collection, ‘Power-up’. Such in-game assets are purchasable and playable when partaking in The Peak’s activities to avail oneself of a greater chance of winning the quest for success. 

Earning $WOOL is the most significant prize, and a leaderboard will be in the view for all components to keep track of their winning chances. The vision, however, goes beyond the current ecosystem and earning model. The Wolf Game promises to accommodate other formats, games, and cryptocurrency prizes in the near future. 

Showing optimism about upcoming developments and opening Wolf Game mini-games for extra competitive fun, the platform is ready to poise the Web3 gaming revolution, bringing mainstream players and cryptocurrency enthusiasts together over battles of rewards.

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