”Winter House”, an architectural project in the metaverse

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The clean geometry of Dieter Rams’ industrial designs informed Winter House. A virtual residence by digital artist Andrés Reisinger and architect Alba de la Fuente that exists in a pink-hued winter world.

The two-story house, designed as a retreat in a snowy woodland, features floor-to-ceiling glass windows and rectilinear proportions.

Founded on a massive concrete slab, Winter House has a glass box underneath containing a chunky concrete stairway leading to the house’s interior from the front door.

The house’s glass exterior reveals a tubular pink elevator that extends from the top to the bottom of the structure.


Argentinian digital artist Reisinger created Winter House

In designing the house, digital artist Reisinger and architect De la Fuente aimed to evoke the early 1960s projects of industrial designer Dieter Rams. As well as to explore winter in the metaverse.

“We wanted to imagine what this time of year looks like in the metaverse. So we gathered all the feelings we associate with winter primarily quiet and coziness and translated them into this alternative reality”. Reisinger explained to Dezeen.

The word “metaverse” refers to any virtual-reality space in which users can engage in a computer-generated environment. Such as the snow-covered countryside created for Winter House.

Moreover designed entirely in pink, Reisinger’s house has enormous windows that connect the interior and exterior spaces.

The virtual residence Winter House features a selection of minimalist furniture

A selection of minimalist furniture is organized in open-plan rooms in the virtual apartment. Giving a reference to modernist interior design.

A skylight suspends an angular fireplace in the living area. Which has low-slung pink sofas and sleek, light-grey floorboards that give the space a wintery vibe.

Source: https://metanews.com/winter-house-an-architectural-project-in-the-metaverse/

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