Win Grand NFT Wearables at the Cryptovoxels VIP Lounge

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Those looking to update their metaverse wardrobe have a stellar opportunity to obtain some free wearables. The good folk over at the mighty the Cryptovoxels VIP Lounge have laid on a grand contest to win some tasty voxelized apparel.

The premise is very simple, just head over to the VIP Lounge, located in the ‘Eye of Sauron’ Neighbourhood, in the ‘Andromeda’ district. Then, hobble on over to the guest book, sign in, and hope lady luck is looking down on you. Book signers have until 11:59am UTC on April 10 to get their entrees in. After which, Cryptovoxels will select a winner.

💥Weekend Fun!💥

Sign the CV guestbook at the location below between Fri, April 8th (12am NZT / 12pm UTC) and Sun, April 10th (11:59pm NZT / 11:59am UTC) for a chance to win one of a limited edition of Brand New CV Wearables! 👀

— Cryptovoxels (@cryptovoxels) April 7, 2022

As the name suggests, only the most important of metaverse dwellers can enter the VIP Lounge. So, in order to gain access, a Cryptovoxels account is required, with a self-chosen name attached to it. To achieve this, just sign up with MetaMask, then alter the moniker with the ‘Change Name’ option. If already in the Cryptovoxels environment, it may be pertinent to refresh the browser to unlock the venue.

Whilst there, visitors can peruse the excellent VIP Lounge, offering wearable samples to try on. In addition to a large screen video display, fine art, and an epic beach area, there’s tons of interactive goodness within the Cryptovoxels virtual world to explore.

Head to the VIP Lounge directly >> Here


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