Which Country Boasts the Highest NFT Adoption? Read on to Find Out!

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In the world of the blockchain, data is king, however, negotiating that data can prove problematic. So, to help investors get a handle of the industry, Bankless Times is compiling a treasure trove of useful information, poring over the reams of statistics, so the casual reader doesn’t have to.

Hot off the press, the Bankless office have put together a list of top ten countries by NFT adoption. In brief, the report draws stats from a poll of 28,000 individuals worldwide who were quizzed on their current NFT ownership. It displays the information based on NFTs held, intent to buy, and overall adoption. The result is a fascinating report that yields a number of surprises.

According to the in-depth set of analytics, not a single western country makes the top ten. Instead, seeing South America and South East Asia taking the bulk of the spots, with further notable appearances from Nigeria and the UAE, representing Africa and the Middle East respectively. Top of the list however, finds the Philippines, due in no small part to their mass adoption of Axie Infinity.

An honorary mention goes to Poland, which sees the least amount of NFT adoption of any of the countries polled.

Check out the full report >> Here

Source: https://nftplazas.com/bankless-times-nft-adoption-by-country/

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