What’s on Guide to the Metaverse – Sept 9th – Sept 11th

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Happy Thursday NFT fam! We hope you have all had a great week so far. It’s time to celebrate the weekend in NFT style. So, without further ado, below are this weekend’s metaverse NFT events highlights in Decentraland and Voxels.

World of Women Collaborative Collection

When: Friday, September 9 at 3AM
Where:-41, -141

Roman Bridge Gallery – featuring the Top NFT music, art, and metaverse collections.

The Proximus Regent – Magical Gathering

When: Saturday, September 10 at 6PM UTC+3
Where:27, -118

Magic the Gathering Arena will be played on the big screen while sharing DCL’s Best made wearables and hosting immersive interactive mini games!

The WonderMine Photoshoot For All

When: Sunday, September 11 at 1AM UTC+3
Where:-29, 58

Everyone is welcome! Grab your best WonderMine wears from your backpack as we take this historical group photo!


Metaverse Hip Hop Festival

When: Friday, September 9 at 7AM

A monthly hip hop festival in Voxels organized by Hip Hop Games.

Auspicious Victory- Hostile Body Exhibition

When: Saturday, September 10 at 9:00AM

Experience the extremes of chronic and mental illness through a multisensory exhibition of digital art created using various digital mediums including artificial intelligence, generative art and machine learning. All funds raised from the NFT auction go to mental health organizations on Giveth.

Ride for DreamHome

When: Sunday, September 11 at 12PM
Where: Here 

Join Digital One’s month-long event, Ride for DreamHome – free trade market for creators and collectors in the metaverse.

Source: https://nftplazas.com/whats-on-guide-to-the-metaverse-september-9th-september-11th-2022/

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