What’s on Guide to the Metaverse – Sept 23rd – Sept 25th, 2022

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Happy Thursday NFT fam! We hope you have all had a great week so far. It’s time to celebrate the weekend in NFT style. So, without further ado, below are this weekend’s metaverse NFT events highlights in Decentraland and Voxels.

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VERTEX: Art Meets Music – Presented by DCL Babydolls

When: Friday, September 23 at 4AM UTC+3
Where:-100, -100

A vertex is the point at which two lines meet, in this case, the vertex is where art meets music. The purpose of this project is to connect visual art and music in a live setting.

During an hour and a half DJ set, the artist will create a unique work, pulling the energy of the music into their art, all while the audience observes the artist’s process.

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Vendor Row at the Grand Opening of the VRS District

When: Saturday, September 24 at 3AM UTC+3
Where:-91, 14

30 of the top creators and vendors working in Decentraland are showcasing their work in “Vendor Row” in the VRS district.

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Apple Harvest Event

When: Sunday, September 25 at 3PM UTC+3
Where:120, -12

Butterfly Prawn Farm (BPF) is harvesting apples this season! Collect apples and change them for discounted Apple-related wearables in the in-game shop. Attractive prizes will be given if you collect the rare gold apples.

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Assembly Curated

When: Friday, September 23 at 10PM

Join Assembly Curated along with “One Year” exhibition guest curators Chikai and Anna Condo, voxels space designer Brileigh, and various artists, collectors, and friends from the Assembly community for a gathering to celebrate a belated birthday and the many groundbreaking projects hosted by Assembly during the past year.

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