What’s on Guide to the Metaverse – Nov 11th – Nov 13th, 2022

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Happy Thursday NFT fam! We hope you have all had a great week so far. It’s time to celebrate the weekend in NFT style. So, without further ado, below are this weekend’s metaverse NFT events highlights in Decentraland and Voxels.

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When: Friday, November 11 at 3PM UTC-8
Where:-70, 82

This year, Decentraland’s Metaverse Music Festival returns bigger and bolder November 10-13, 2022.

Set in an otherworldly cyberpunk landscape being reclaimed by nature, the Festival will feature 15 uniquely designed stages that will see performances from 180+ musical artists from across a wide variety of genres, as well as new interactive experiences.

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Nonfungible.com HQ Launch

When: Saturday, November 12 at 8AM UTC-8
Where:-130, -64

Nonfungible.coms’ founders originally met in the Decentraland community chats in 2018, together creating Nonfungible.com the worlds largest and most trusted data provider on NFT Markets in the world. For the launch of our HQ building we’ve teamed with DappCraft and KJLowpoly Model’s to create our building, wearables and emotes!

Come to the launch to see the founder video, browse the NFT acadmy and get some awesome merch.

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Gavin Shapiro at the Not Fungible Arts Complex

When: Sunday, November 13 at 8AM UTC-8
Where:25, 4

Visit building NF1, Floor 11 at the Not Fungible Arts Complex to experience the art of Gavin Shapiro. Music has always been a big part of Gavin’s work, and a major source of inspiration during his creative process. Nearly all of his pieces are designed to be synced up with music and then used as visuals for a concert, event, or party.

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Hip Hop Game NFT Mint Party

When: Friday, November 11 at 8AM
Where: Here

The first batch of hip hop artist trading card NFTs are being released. Visit www.hiphop.game to RSVP for the party and sign the guestbook to receive exclusive wearables.

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