Weibo executive speaks about the metaverse and Apple’s 8K VR headset

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Li Nan published the news on social media to address individuals who still had “doubts” about the Metaverse. The information went public by the former executive of the Chinese smartphone company on his official Weibo account.

In other words, the Cupertino company’s offering will be a VR/AR headgear that will allow users to join the metaverse. Unfortunately, he did not share any other facts about it.

Apple’s future headset will be similar to the Oculus Quest. Furthermore, some prototypes are currently under tests with external cameras to enable some augmented reality (AR) capability.

Apple is working on a new pair of 8K glasses, according to Li Nan, the co-founder of Meizu. According to GizmoChina, the former executive of the Chinese smartphone maker posted the information on his official Weibo account.

Li Nan’s goal was to address individuals who still had “doubts” about the Metaverse.

However, this is consistent with prior claims that Apple is working on its first-ever virtual reality reality (VR) headgear, which industry experts expects to release soon. Initially, it was anticipated that the headset will be released later this year, but latest speculations suggest that it would be released in 2023.

According to reports, Apple’s VR headset will have performance comparable to the Mac M1. It will use the same 96W USB Type C port as the 14-inch MacBook Pro. Today, the former Meizu CEO teases native 8K resolution support. It may include at least 15 camera modules, eye tracking, and maybe iris recognition. Moreover, it may cost between $2,000 and $3,000.

The augmented reality headgear should be sleek, lightweight, and comfortable, allowing the wearer to roam around for extended periods of time. It should also include a high-resolution screen that allows users to view small pieces of text while also seeing those in front of them.


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