Walmart Kickstart Metaverse Entrance Through Trademark Filings

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Recent trademark filings from Walmart have indicated that the retail giant is planning on making big leaps into the metaverse. The Arkansas-based retailer plans to not only launch its own cryptocurrency and NFT collection, but it also intends on offering an array of virtual goods and services to its customers, some of which incorporating the use of augmented reality and virtual reality technologies.

The flurry of applications occurred on December 30th, when the company filed for the ability make and sell virtual products in the areas of electronics, appliances, toys, sports equipment, home décor, apparel, and more. To supplement such applications, the store also filed trademarks for certain names such as ‘Verse to Curb’, ‘Verse to Home’ and ‘Verse to Store’.

Despite the launching of a Walmart cryptocurrency and NFT collection being the standout venture within the company’s recent applications, insight on such matters is still very limited. That being said, information surrounding the company’s AR and VR-related filings is abundant, as it is reported that the company filed for the rights to use the Walmart name within such realities in order to facilitate the launch of AR and VR infused physical fitness training services, as well as health and nutrition classes.

Walmart’s venture into the metaverse was first hinted at back in August 2021, when the company posted a job listing for a ‘Crypto Product Specialist’, a position they described as having the responsibility of developing ‘the digital currency strategy and product roadmap.’ Since then, the retailer has started a pilot program which allows shoppers to buy Bitcoin at Coinstar kiosks across 200 of its stores, and it also began openly discussing the prospect of allowing customer to start paying in cryptocurrency.

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