Walken Celebrates Anniversary, Debuts P2E Game ‘The Cuze’

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Celebrating its first anniversary, the ground-breaking Web3-powered play-to-earn (P2E)  project Walken— combining healthy lifestyles, games and crypto — introduces its exciting  new development phase, ‘The Cuze‘. 

Throughout this past year, Walken has been trailblazing the potential of Web3 gaming,  exploring numerous possibilities of blockchain technology to revolutionize the expansive  gaming industry, building a community of 3.5 million players that each contribute to the  platform’s consistent growth and development. 

Now, The Cuze is set to bring more gamers from the Web2 world into the Web3 universe,  leveraging earning potential alongside an easy way to escape and unwind through addictive  gameplay. 

The Cuze’s Essential Role in Web3 Gameplay 

Disrupting dull reputations of gaming using blockchain technology, Web2 players can easily  explore Web3 for the first time and enjoy boosting earning capacity for extra engagement  and enticement. Despite Walken already achieving such goals, offering players the unique  opportunity to earn while taking walks, Cuze is set to boost the project to more significant  heights by adding additional advantages to the Walken ecosystem. 

Cuze connects numerous hybrid-casual games through shared NFTsand progress utility,  governed by the ecosystem’s native token $WLKN. Consequently, players can boost their  earning potential and open a wide range of experiences under one roof. To further draw  more gamers into Web3, the second stage accompanies educational guidance, offering  advice on best practices and guidance on tokenomics and in-game capabilities to ensure all  walks of life get the most out of P2E gameplay and diversify its target market. 

Engaging in Walken’s Thriving Ecosystem 

When partaking in Walken’s stimulating arena, it’s essential to note the adage: the early bird  catches the worm. Players who take part early can enjoy and benefit from more expansive  experiences and have better chances at grabbing future titles to bolster their roles alongside  the ecosystem’s long-term utility. Additionally, joining the project is super straightforward,  ensuring an effortless onboarding system and growing blockchain gaming through the  motivating adoption of cryptocurrency.

The team behind the Walken ecosystem shows continuous gratitude toward its community’s  commitment and unwavering support. As such, they are proud to start this new chapter and  invite all parties to join them on this forthcoming journey. 

Check Walken’s official Twitterfor announcements and updates to get involved. The world of Cuze is unfolding rapidly, and everyone’s welcome to be a part of it. 

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