Vroomway Brings Competitive Motor Racing to Decentraland

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It’s once again time to put the pedal to the metal, as high-octane motorsport has arrived in Decentraland. Now, those with a thirst for gasoline can get their racing fix in the brand-new Vroomway gaming experience.

Through the heart pounding new platform, fans of the genre can fulfil their wildest motor racing dreams by engaging with the ecosystem to win feisty competitions, gather resources and craft NFTs. All with an end goal of ranking up and climbing to the top of the Vroomway leader board.

You have to visit @Vroomwayio !!🔥
Really creative and original! the @TheHolyOnesNFT are ready to race!
#P2EGame in the #Metaverse#Decentraland#Web3pic.twitter.com/i4X5QMEASP

— SkɅz (@Skazsverse) October 2, 2022

To keep gamers on their toes, Vroomway has introduced three different gaming modes. Firstly, players can engage in a PVE race against time in the parkour style obstacle course. Secondly, taking to the track in an ultra-combative Demo Derby PVP. Or finally, getting down and dirty on the Fuego PVP battle obstacle race.

The incredible new outlet for motor racing enthusiasts currently sits in its open beta release, with the full deployment scheduled for this coming November. So, grab a few metaverse native friends and head down to the Decentraland race track for a spot of good-natured virtual motorsports.

Jump right in and get racing >> Here

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