VR Real Estate Ecosystem ‘Dvision’ Launch Second LAND NFT Sale

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Virtual reality content ecosystem Dvision Network is launching its second LAND sale. The sale is the second instalment of a 10-part LAND sale initiative mapped out by the network. 

The LAND sale is planned to launch on January 27th at 20:00 KST, and will take place on OpenSea and the network’s native marketplace, Dvision Marketplace. The sale will see 4,600 LAND lots (40% of total ownership) of the Metaverse’s Tokyo and London Meta-Cities being evenly distributed to users across both marketplaces, and will be available for purchase in both ERC-721 and Binance Smart Chain BEP-721 standards.

Those seeking insight into the sale’s structure with regards to pricing, available lots, size, location, and purchase guidelines, will have to look out for the upcoming announcement on Twitter which will provide the details.

The sale follows the successful first LAND sale which saw the distribution New York and Seoul Meta-City LAND lots, making it the largest BSC-based LAND sale to occur simultaneously across three different platforms (Binance NFT, NFTb, and Dvision Marketplace). Its combined trading volume amounted to over $10 million. In addition, and perhaps even more remarkably, the assets of the sale are now reportedly trading at four times their original price.

New York, Seoul, Tokyo and London are just four of 20 Meta-Cities to reside within the Dvision Network Metaverse, meaning there are ample Meta-City releases and corresponding LAND sales for VR real estate enthusiasts to sink their teeth into!

Learn more about the composition of Meta-Cities >> Here

Source: https://nftplazas.com/vr-real-estate-ecosystem-dvision-launch-2nd-land-nft-sale/

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