Voxels Teases Amazing New Updates for Apple Users – NFT Plazas

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Calling all Apple users, prepare to be amazed! Voxels, the groundbreaking immersive Metaverse, has defied the market once again to launch a slew of exciting new updates. Owners of the iPhone and Vision Pro devices can get ready to step inside a world of mind-bending possibilities.

Through the latest updates, Voxels will introduce a new AR function that will allow iPhone and Vision Pro users to step into their Metaverse parcels via their mobile devices. Admittedly, the original build was meant to only display a miniature version of the Voxel asset via the beauty of augmented reality. However, a slight scaling issue has resulted in a more grandiose, be it no less awe-inspiring, immersive trip into the Voxels locale.

The move marks an important development for the Voxels team, who, despite having their backs against the wall, have continued to develop their core product, all in defiance of the market having turned sour. So, fire up those Apple devices, plug yourselves in, and experience the Voxels Metaverse from a brand new perspective.

Ok, i want to discuss what I’ve been working on.

I have USDZ export for parcels working. It was meant to be display a mini version of your parcel on your desk. But I got the scale wrong, so instead you are standing inside your parcel.

— Voxels (@cryptovoxels) August 7, 2023

The Metaverse Proves a Resilient Beast as Trading Stagnates

2023 has so far proven a turbulent time within the NFT sphere, with sketchy PFP collections, rug pulls and scams doing a number on the market as a whole. All to the backdrop of a level of crypto volatility that has put a choke hold on liquidity and reduced trading to a mere trickle.

Despite all of this, the Metaverse still remains one of the most promising technological breakthroughs that utilizes blockchain technology. Essentially, providing the means to build a decentralized ecosystem, where users can truly own their personal assets.

As a result of this tremendous utility, the like of Voxels, Decentraland, onCyber, and many more, continue to build regardless of the pervading financial climate.

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