Voxels Receives a Major Code and Texture Update – NFT Plazas

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Deep down in the dark reaches of the Voxels engine room, a set of resilient devs continue to work in earnest to improve the platform. As a result, beavering away through long hours to enhance the player experience for its legions of loyal users.

In its latest update, Voxels has unveiled a new set of street level texture enhancements set to debut on the Chronos island. Essentially, paving the once plain pathways with tarmac, sidewalks, and a myriad of traditional road markings. All with an aim to add an additional immersive feel to the homegrown Metaverse, and a splash of color to the surroundings.

Coming soon to Chronos. Our new voxel tile based street network. Once we’ve worked out the kinks we’ll roll this out across all islands. This image is out of Rhino. pic.twitter.com/EKhP9jnCgX

— Voxels (@cryptovoxels) November 30, 2022

The move follows a range of core updates the team has introduced to the platform as it builds during crypto winter. Including a series of textured building materials, an excellent new lighting engine and a modest upgrade to platform speed. All the while performing a major purge of any redundant code lurking in the system.

All this hard work will set the Voxels empire on course to start afresh in the new year. Therefore, getting its intricate ecosystem in order as the market prepares to emerge from its wintery tunnel.

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