Voxels Knuckles Down as it Prepares for the Future – NFT Plazas

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Plucky metaverse underdog, Voxels, has unveiled a game plan to see out the rest of the year, taking time out to fine tune its product and upgrade its services so it can hit 2023 running.

So far, 2022 has been a year to forget for many of those in the crypto space, with a bearish sentiment causing havoc with the industry, resulting in many projects losing their momentum. This frustrating state of affairs could mark a turning point for the often-erratic Voxels, providing a much-needed opportunity to take a step backwards and address the finer points of the platform.

Hey fam, we’re gonna keep heads down and work on improving the product for the rest of the year and won’t start a marketing campaign until Jan / Feb.

We want to have a really awesome product and builder waiting for people when they discover us in the new year. 🎉❤️💪

— Voxels (@cryptovoxels) October 7, 2022

Going forward, the team plans to iron out its bugs, double down on platform speed, and update the UI to provide a sleeker and more sophisticated user experience. Additionally, it will transform its in house builder into an industry-leading piece of kit as it aims to put itself in the best possible position for whenever the bull next decides to rear its eagerly awaited head.

Once ready, Voxels then intends to launch into its next grand marketing campaign during Q1. Just so long as the team don’t get distracted along the way!

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