Voxels Hunkers Down to Weather the Oncoming Crypto Winter

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It’s batten down the hatches, stock the food cupboard, and secure all worldly possessions at the Voxels office as the team takes precautionary measures to prepare itself for a prolonged crypto winter.

Looking to weather the latest storm, Voxels has put a pause on minting any new islands and land parcels, as well as holding off introducing any new features and partnerships. Instead, it is opting to fine tune and improve its core product and provide the best possible immersive experience on its platform.

As it stands, Voxels currently has 428 plots of prime real-estate in its possession, which it will drip feed to the eagerly awaiting community at a rate of five plots per week. This means there will be enough juicy NFT goodness to keep its sales ticking over until mid-2024.

In addition, to further ensure the profitability of the Voxels empire, it has also taken the difficult step of reducing its head count. As a result, it has reluctantly let go of some of its limited term contractors, however, keeping hold of all of their current quota of full-time staff.

Voxels will survive this winter with a reduced headcount, but everything is going to happen slower.

No new islands, no new partnerships, no new features, just improve the product and make it more reliable and render faster. Foxus and Yofolk development will be very slow too.

— Voxels (@cryptovoxels) July 20, 2022

Despite this period of uncertainty however, Voxels will continue to do what they do best, focusing wholly on building out the platform and improving the overall experience while also offering an intriguing way out for recently beleaguered NFT worlds project.

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Source: https://nftplazas.com/voxels-hunkers-down/

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