Voxels Heads to Australia for ‘Melbourne Metaverse Madness’

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Over in the mysterious world of Voxels, it’s time to power down the hardware and venture into the meat world. The whole team (almost) will head to the exotic land of Australia for an IRL ‘Metaverse Madness’ meetup in Melbourne.

The grandiose event will take place at 5pm on October 27, at the RMIT Media Portal in the big smoke, during which the team will wax lyrical on all things metaverse, Voxels and blockchain. In addition, they will provide a sneak peek at what’s in store for Voxels in the coming year, as well as a few choice words from avatar builder, and co-host, Punk Office.

Hey fam, we have a meetup in Melbourne, Australia on Thursday, 27th October. The entire New Zealand team + @bitpixi, @MarcusMansion and @GhostAgent_OG will be there. Details to follow, but come meet the team, hear about the future of voxels and come chiiiiill with us.

— Voxels (@cryptovoxels) October 13, 2022

Those making the trip will have a chance to get up close and personal with the colourful Voxels team and its contributors, rubbing shoulders with metaverse royalty such as Ben Nolan, Bitpixie, GhostAgent and Punk Office founder, Marcus Milne. Many of which will have made the long and arduous journey from New Zealand just to be there.

So, go dig out your finest real-world garb and head to Australia for the biggest event in town, the mighty and magnificent Melbourne Metaverse Madness meetup.

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