Voxels Drops Atmospheric Update with Lighting V2 – NFT Plazas

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Hold onto your hats folks, Voxels has announced a massive new update to brighten up the virtual realm. As such, debuting ‘Lighting V2’ to add a touch of vibrancy and atmosphere to its digital landscape.

Just last month, Voxels revealed that it would spend the tail end of 2022 fine tuning its excellent product. The first signs of which, have arrived in the shape of its infinitely upgraded lighting engine, seeing realistic shadows cast geometric patterns across the sprawling voxelated plains in addition to light emitting voxels that provide an ethereal glow to enhance any build.

This week, Lighting v2 will finally be released. Read more below and pass this news along! 💡 pic.twitter.com/Oy9zRIxZDf

— Voxels (@cryptovoxels) November 7, 2022

Through this fine update, visitors will see a marked improvement to the general aesthetic of the Voxels universe, providing an extra layer of immersion by adding a touch of realism to the Voxels experience. One that will now feature a consistent light strength and ambience throughout the entire world.

Following the update, landowners may need to re-visit some of their settings to get the most out of their parcels, while others may need to dial up their lighting as they now sit in the shade of their neighbouring structures. Either way, the land of Voxels will soon get a grand new facelift to set it up for its planned resurgence!

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