Voxels Calls on its Community to Help Build a Better Metaverse

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Veritable melting pot of metaversal excellence, Voxels, has issued a call to arms to its community by drawing upon the collective might of its userbase to broaden the utility appeal of its expansive metaverse.

To a potentially action-packed end, the mighty world builder has requested input from its wider audience, calling on those familiar with the platform to suggest ways to improve the utility within their parcels. Therefore, encouraging future development that will provide genuine benefits to all those involved.

So, to add a dash of interactivity and soupçon of interoperability, get those big brains in action to help out the virtual world. From suggestions on incorporating gameplay mechanics, to visual enhancements, and general platform gripes, Voxels want to know it all. Therefore, inform those good folk what the platform desperately lacks and what shortcomings drive you nuts, all with the game plan to create the finest voxelized destination within the ever-expanding metaverse.

Holders, what utility do you want from your Cryptovoxels Parcels?

— Voxels (@cryptovoxels) August 2, 2022

Those with an idea or three, can drop Voxels a line via the associated pinned tweet. To get the ball rolling, how about an efficient events management system to give individuals and well-respected NFT news organizations a heads up on the latest upcoming metaverse shindigs.

Jump in to get some inspiration >> Here

Source: https://nftplazas.com/voxels-calls-on-community/

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