Voxels Airdrop Coming Amidst Flurry of Platform Activity

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Fresh of the back of a successful rebranding operation, the Voxels virtual world has a few surprises up its sleeve. First off the bat, an airdrop of $FOLK tokens intended to help fuel a new tipping mechanism.

The Voxels team has remained rather secretive as to the the finer points of the drop. However, a snapshot was taken on May 9 of all parcel and costume holders on the platform, each of which will receive a portion of the delicious coin coming this way on May 18.

This all comes as the platform developers relaunch a tipping feature linked to the virtual world. As such, frequenters of the voxelated universe can donate their newly acquired coin via the yofolk.com platform, with Voxels releasing full details come airdrop day.


We just took the snapshot of who has parcel and costumes on https://t.co/ZzY2C8VjLr. We’ll be doing an airdrop of $FOLK tokens to those addresses on Wednesday so you can tip to yo hearts content. Or just sell all the token and crash the price that’s cool too. 😅 pic.twitter.com/Ns2N5V1UDD

— Voxels (@cryptovoxels) May 8, 2022

The drop highlights a flurry of activity behind the scenes of the Voxels realm, as the devs look to oil the cogs of their already great machine. Going forward, parcel owners will have the capacity to host conversation rooms, fully customize avatars, and import VRM avatars into the system. This all arrives in addition to the parcel renting and gated access features launched over recent weeks.

So, its onwards and upwards for Voxels and its unique corner of the metaverse.

Source: https://nftplazas.com/voxels-airdrop/

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