Voxels Adds VR Support Amid Leadership Shake Up – NFT Plazas

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Ambitious, unpredictable, and downright spectacular player governed Metaverse, Voxels, has once again stunned its community with a blinding tech upgrade. As of now, fans can engage its highly versatile virtual playground in glorious VR.

From the off, Voxels has added support for both the Oculus Quest and Windows Mixed Reality browser clients. Essentially, allowing proponents of its rich Metaverse to fully immerse themselves in its astounding environment.

Give me your energy. Initial VR support is up on the staging server. https://t.co/kbKCfHETve

username: uat
password: snowcrash

Click the big ‘enter vr’ button on Oculus Quest or Chrome on Windows 11. pic.twitter.com/ft4NPQZOhk

— Voxels (@cryptovoxels) March 29, 2023

Going forwards, Voxels has bold ambitions to continue developing its VR tech, with plans already in motion to add both hand tracking and a VR builder into the mix. In addition, the team is also working on a new feature called ‘Parcel Events Mode’ that will supercharge performance for large gatherings, and additional moderation tools.

Ben Nolan Steps Down to Focus on Building

In tandem with the mind-blowing tech upgrade, longstanding Voxels CEO, Ben Nolan, has also announced he will step down from the leadership position. Instead, the sporadically clothed Ben will leave the emails and paper-pushing role of Chief Executive Officer to focus on coding and developing as nature intended.

Despite the revelation, Mr. Nolan remains committed to the Voxels vision, stating that he is in the project ‘for the long haul.’ For the time being, an interim CEO will take the helm on a rotating basis, with plans to appoint a permanent CEO at a later date.

“I don’t want to go back to the CEO role, fending off all those fucking emails from investors and business partners, and just a whole bunch of crap that I hate. I just want to program and focus on making the product better and building a better world for you all.” – Ben Nolan – Not the CEO of Voxels

Hey fam. VR support is dropping today. Over the coming weeks we’ll be adding hand tracking, inverse kinematic and building tools.

And one more thing. I’m stepping down as CEO permanently. pic.twitter.com/JBSUAoOlm7

— Voxels (@cryptovoxels) March 27, 2023

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