VISIV Looks to the Metaverse and NFTs to Innovate the Techno Industry

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Later in March, innovative new music concept, VISIV, will look to blur the lines between techno and the metaverse. During their forthcoming “The Future is Now” event, visitors from Texas will join the fray via a digital portal, while NFTs will offer fans a chance to take away a piece of the action.

VISIV’s groundbreaking event will take place on March 19 in Paris, presenting an evening of exceptional music from a number of top DJs. The event will see the likes of Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, Blawan and Helena Hauff all gracing the stage. In tandem, VISAV will open a virtual portal from the SXSW conference in Texas, so EDM fans can join the fun from afar.

Skull Name: SHELL

⁰⁰This carbon based skull is the most resistant of all. His armor can withstand any weapons, offering a great defense to his owner while being also very intimidating. Some says it can even be used to attack when in critical danger.

— VISIV (@visivtechno) March 7, 2022

The grand event will also feature a number of exclusive NFTs designed with the goal of providing artists an additional revenue stream during these difficult times. Therefore, three distinct NFT types are available for fans to collect.

Firstly, VISIV will represent each artist in attendance by a single NFT, from which they will offer fractionalized components to fans. Next up, will see a selection of seven designs based on the VIVIV iconic skull logo, all doubling as wearables and skins for the metaverse and providing future utility. Finally, an additional factionalized artwork will represent the entire VISIV experience.

So, as techno returns to its technological roots, it will unite with the blockchain and amazing things will happen.

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