Villains Target Bored Ape Holders in The Sandbox Instagram Hack

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Midway through its third Alpha season, The Sandbox has fallen victim to the industries’ vilest of all parasites. Recently, it saw its Instagram account compromised by abominable hackers looking to besmirch its good name.

Through the incident, the unidentified Neanderthals managed to bypass the security features attached to the account. Then posted a fake link to a fabricated Alpha Season 4 giveaway, promising a bountiful LAND raffle. As has become all too predictable however, connecting a wallet to the site will hand access to the villainous deviants.

⚠️ Our Instagram account has been compromised 1 hour ago – despite 2FA and more protections. ⚠️ We’ve notified @instagram to resolve this

⛔️ Do NOT click on the new link on The Sandbox Instagram account bio or fake “Season 4 Raffle”

🙏 Stay SAFE and alert. Thanks for reporting

— Sebastien 🏞 (@borgetsebastien) September 8, 2022

In an unexpected turn of events however, these Instagram dwelling miscreants also targeted Bored Ape owners, identifying them through their Twitter profile pic and making an offer definitely too good to be true. According to sources, holders were offered 40 ETH to ‘rent’ the NFTs for just 24 hours. As of now, it remains unclear whether anyone actually fell for this cowardly scam.

The Sandbox managed to regain control of its Instagram account after only a few hours. However, initial reports indicate that some users saw assets purged from their wallets after clicking on the bogus link. All in all, an alarming series of events considering Instagram’s recent branch into the world of NFTs.

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