Victoria VR, a global metaverse platform built on the Unreal Engine

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Victoria VR is a global platform built on the Unreal Engine, connecting users through games, decentralized apps, and virtual worlds. All assets, whether gained in-game or generated directly by users, are on the blockchain as NFTs. They will also be able to build, generate, and exchange NFTs in and out of the world in a secure manner.

“We are now able to provide users with an experience unlike any other because to our pioneering development”. “It combines the latest generation of developing technologies, a highly talented, experienced, and informed workforce, and strong, market-leading strategic partners. Victoria VR target is to shape and produce the world’s future. Which will evolve and live independently of its creators.”

Global exchange.

All assets are on the blockchain as NFTs, whether obtained in-game or created directly by users. Furthermore, they will be able to safely develop, create, and exchange NFTs in and out of the globe.

With a completely scalable engine and technology, Victoria VR’s design is to be future-proof. Indeed, Victoria VR will is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Which means that its residents and community will have complete control over the world’s future and rules.

“We will establish an unending incentive economy in which all artists and active residents will be paid for their work, votes, reviews, quests, VR tokens, and random drops into the world on a regular and equitable basis. Existing businesses and brands will want to build a presence in Victoria VR in order to connect with and assist our inhabitants by delivering goods and services that can be delivered digitally and in person.”

Victoria VR will provide an unrivaled realistic virtual reality environment that will appeal to not only current gamers and VR enthusiasts, but also entrepreneurs, real estate agents, businesses, concert agencies, event organizers, healthcare, advertising and promotional agencies, artists, coaches, educators, and educational institutions.


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