Vice Launch Viceverse Virtual Working Hub in Decentraland

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The worlds of architecture, online media, and Web3 are colliding, as cultural media platform Vice has teamed up with Bjarke Angels Group (BAG) architects to launch a virtual HQ in the Decentraland metaverse. The new digital construction will be called Viceverse, and will serve as the hub of innovation for the company’s creative culture agency, Virtue.

In addition to its innovation lab-like qualities, Viceverse will essentially function as a new virtual office for Virtue, which, according to Vice, will allow the company arm to explore new ways to collaborate with their portfolio of high-profile clients, which includes the likes of Coca-Cola and Beats by Dre. 

BAGS’s design for Viceverse is unique to say the least, as it is centred around a ‘parametric wayfinding tunnel’ that’s embedded into a larger cube-shaped exterior. To begin with, the building will consist of two floors, as well as a secret one, and will include an NFT gallery and an array of other interactive and functional spaces. As the project develops, another ten floors will be added, as well as continuous upgrades to each floor.

Vice’s creative director Morten Grubak has since spoken on what Viceverse will bring to the media outlet: “It’s not about just getting in there and planting a flag, we wanted to do it in style with aesthetics and ideas when creating, so we teamed up with BIG. It just made sense to make a space for ourselves where we can invite clients and collaborators to dip their toes in that space without actually doing a big-scale campaign. That’s why we set up an office”.

Viceverse will also have specially reserved spaces for experiments with DAOs and Web3 technology, which is in tune with the ambition of Virtue’s new co-president, Chris Garbutt, who wishes to limitlessly expand the virtual space.

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