VERSE: The Mobile Exhibition Using AR to View Famous NFTs

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Road trips, augmented reality and NFTs are coming into collision in the new art-tech event, VERSE. Beginning on the West Coast, the mobile exhibition intends to travel far and wide to offer widely immersive experiences to metaverse enthusiasts, where they’ll be given the chance to view famous NFTs ‘in person’ via virtual reality headsets. 

The innovative on-the-road initiative, which was cultivated by a collaboration between metaverse creation platform Enklu, and entertainment industry location scout Non Plus Ultra, will use Microsoft HoloLens VR headsets as a portal for its guests to transport themselves into a realm of NFT, visual art, and technology togetherness. VR-voyers can expect to see landmark NFTs upon their AR journey, as the exhibit is expected to showcase pieces from Bored Ape Yacht Club, BlockBar, Scott Musgrove, and more. 

VERSE’s first showing, ‘VERSE: Immersive NFT Exhibit,’ took place on February 3rd at San Francisco’s ‘Mint’. A trip to the city of Denver in March has been announced as the next stop in the exhibition’s itinerary, however for the time being, the exact location of the event is being kept under wraps by the company.

VERSE’s covertness in their location sharing, for now, is certainly not of benefit to anyone fearing that the event could be a North American exclusive, as although we could presume that scaling the mobile event to an international capacity would be nothing but joyous, it’s unclear as to whether the concept is an actual possibility. Lets, wait, hope, and see.

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