VeeFriends and Johnnie Walker Supply Spirited Gift to NFT Holders

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VeeFriends, the coveted NFT project from flagship digital collectibles advocate Gary Vee, has partnered with world renowned scotch whiskey brand Johnnie Walker. Although a collaboration between a bespoke spirit label and a collection of hand-draw animal character NFTs may seem a little off-brand to begin with (for both parties that is), it is the limitless scope of the VeeFriends’ sub-collection, the ‘Gift Goats,’ which facilitates the partnership. 

As those in-the-know will already be aware of, the 555 VeeFriends ‘Gift Goat’ NFTs grant their owners with 6 physical gifts per year, over a 3-year period. Through this scheme, Gary Vee and his creative team have 18 opportunities to collaborate with suitable partners to provide novel utility to such holders. As you probably guessed, Johnnie Walker is the latest instalment of such partnerships. 

The gifts in question will be bottles of Johnnie Walker whiskey. To match the rather hefty mint price of a VeeFriends NFTs, the bottles will not be of ordinary nature, as each will be a limited edition of Walker’s most illustrious variant, ‘Johnnie Walker Blue,’ and will come with a VeeFriends logo, Gift Goat character, and a number from 1 to 555, printed on it. 

The partnership was in fact secured by VaynerNFT, the NFT arm of Gary Vee’s creative media agency ‘VaynerX,’ and DIAGO, the Web3-adopting parent company of Johnnie Walker. When speaking on the collaboration, Avery Akkineni, President of VaynerNFT, had this to say: “This collaboration is an authentic example of how one of the world’s biggest brands can step into Web3 to celebrate community and culture while staying core to its values. This is an outstanding example of the power of collaborations that can be brought to life by NFTs by the world’s leading brands and creators”. 


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