Vault Hill Opens Up Early Access to Eager Metaverse Explorers

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As the metaverse expands into a sprawling web of interconnected worlds, a myriad of new destinations continue to arrive to entertain the eager digital traveller. Now, those with an appetite for exploring, can take to a new plane of the virtual realm as Vault Hill City opens its doors for early access.

Inside its finely crafted world, metaverse ramblers will discover a myriad of experiences that marry cutting edge environments with the cherished interactions of real life. Vault Hill will act as an extension of the user’s personality as it transcends borders, location, and even the laws of physics!

A First Taste of the Vault Hill Metaverse

Those with the determination to walk the path of the early adopter will face a magical realm of infinite possibilities where they can explore an exciting new landscape consisting of 4 unique islands, each with 7 distinct districts themed after 7 human instincts. Visitors will be able to delve into an amazing environment where they can explore their most intimate fantasies.

From the off, Vault Hill has enabled the function to build a virtual self via the avatar builder, which early adopters can then use to adventure through the development version of the build. Inside, they can teleport to a number of spectacular destinations, take a walk on the beach, visit art galleries and even embark on a journey of virtual mindfulness.

Superb Experiences Await the Digital Traveller

Vault Hill City will take its cues from the IRL world to bring its amazing new metaverse to life. As a result, avatars can interact with each other, play games, and host and attend events, in addition to practicing incredible health and wellness activities and enjoying the wonders of fine art. To add a little calm to proceedings, early access members can even attend a fully immersive meditation session on the sub-island of Amrita Sethi.

An Exhibition of Fine NFT Art

Ready and waiting for these pioneers of this tremendous new realm, three bespoke NFT museums will provide a grandiose focal point. Each takes on its own unique theme, while it enables users to experience as well as display and view an eclectic range of art. As a result, each unique edifice will exist on its own land type, and take on the themes of Organic, Minimal, and Warehouse galleries, all the while enabling an unrivalled immersive experience for those venturing inside, and enriching the user experience with its advanced interactivity.

1659696308 Vault Hill Opens up Early Access to Eager Metaverse

Leveraging the Artifice of the Blockchain

Vault Hill will power its impressive ecosystem with two key token types, taking to the humble NFT to enable true land ownership while additionally engaging an in-environment economy through the native $VHC utility token.

To get going, wily adventurers need only a PCVR compatible device, which will provide a doorway to the grand new world of Vault Hill!

Sign up for early access >> Here

Take a look at Vault Hill City >> Here


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