Valiant to release an NFT collection in the metaverse

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Valiant’s publishing output has been pretty modest of late three titles in January but they are going big in the digital space. That’s at least the message from a press release this week. Which announced the arrival of a NFT drop set to take place on January 26th.

The first character to be featured will be Punk Mambo

The first character to appear will be Punk Mambo. However this “character NFT drop will be the doorway into the future of Valiant’s groundbreaking play-to-earn game. Where collectors will be able to participate, engage, and earn together in the Valiant Metaverse,” according to the press release.


Valiant will welcome fans and newcomers alike with a revolutionary invitation

Valiant will welcome fans and newbies alike with a groundbreaking invitation into a new medium of transformative storytelling. Driven by a community-first approach. Fans will be able to play, collect, and earn on a brand new platform. Including a Discord channel to assist them in entering the Valiant Universe.

Valiant will release a 3D Genesis Mint Pass token on the Ethereum network on January 26th, allowing access to the first season of character NFT drops [plus an exclusive bonus yet to be revealed] as part of their metaverse debut.

By allowing fans to enter a totally immersive Valiant universe. The digital collectibles will bring them closer than ever before to the creators, characters, art, and environments they adore.

The company’s NFT page encourages users to check out their Twitter and Discord accounts, two very Web 2.0 venues, even though it bills itself as an industry thought leader specializing in multidimensions.

Valiant does have a very passionate fanbase

Everyone is hopping on the NFT bandwagon, which appears to include a slew of buzzwords and broad worldbuilding aspirations, as well as gamification and the possibility of some sort of financial gain.


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