Upland Joins Forces with the Stock Car Pro Series – NFT Plazas

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Put the pedal to the metal and get ready for some high-octane fun and games in the Upland Metaverse. The high-tech, cutting-edge platform has shifted up a gear to partner with the prestigious and often gloriously chaotic, ‘Stock Car Pro Series.’

Through the turbo-charged new collaboration, Upland residents can interact with the top-tier racing league from the comfort of the virtual world. Resulting in a wild and varied petrol-head experience involving exhilarating racing events, official Pro Series cars, stylish wearables, spotlights and more!

AI Miles is ready for Stock Car Pro Series coming to Upland, but are YOU? What are you looking forward to most? 🏎 pic.twitter.com/8mp5PmNCAb

— Upland (@UplandMe) May 19, 2023

Upland Burns Rubber with the Stock Car Pro Series

The Stock Car Pro Series is a highly competitive Brazilian racing league where top drivers from all over the world compete in modified production cars. Founded in 1979, it has become the top organization of its kind in South America and regularly attracts former racing stars from F1 and IndyCar.

Now, the bright lights, heart-pounding action and gripping 200 mph races will be replicated in the Upland Metaverse, allowing folks from all over the globe to discover the thrills of the Stock Car Pro Series.

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Upland Races to the Finish Line with its Versatile Metaverse

The Upland Metaverse has swiftly become a hot favorite within the blockchain world with its intuitive UI and interactive experiences. Mirroring the real-world, folks far and wide can stake a claim to their own piece of virtual land to use as a base and develop or trade as they see fit. As such, those looking to participate can claim enough free credits on joining to secure a land plot and begin their Upland journey.

The incredible Stock Car Pro Series will now add an extra dimension to its grand digital offering. Effectively adding an extra layer of immersive entertainment to the platform, where racing fans can get their fix of gasoline-fueled action and show their appreciation for the greatest racing league in South America.

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