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The Metaverse, or virtual blockchain worlds, is becoming an increasingly important space for marketing and advertising. In this article, we interview the CEO of Lunar Strategy, a Web3 marketing agency that specializes in Metaverse advertising. They discuss the potential of Metaverse advertising to reach a global audience, and their partnership with NFT Plazas to launch campaigns in the Decentraland Metaverse.

What is Metaverse advertising?

Metaverse advertising is a form of digital advertising that takes place within virtual worlds or “Metaverses,” such as Decentraland. This can include displaying virtual billboards, promoting brands or projects within the Metaverse, and targeting a global audience. It is a new and evolving field with the potential to reach a highly targeted audience in a unique and engaging way.

How has Lunar Strategy used NFT Plazas kiosks to run marketing campaigns in the Metaverse?

At Lunar Strategy, we are a Web3 marketing agency, and we are hired by our clients to deliver innovative marketing solutions. We work with many leading brands in the crypto & NFT niche. One of the campaigns that we offer is Metaverse advertising, which has the goal of establishing a project as a thought leader by utilizing the latest Web3 features. For this purpose, we collaborated with NFT Plazas and their Metaverse campaigns, which has resulted in a smooth way to launch campaigns in the Decentraland Metaverse.

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Can you tell me about the global reach of your virtual billboards and how you measure campaign success?

With NFT Plazas Metaverse Kiosks, you can reach tens of thousands of unique users all over the world. They are located in Decentraland, which is one of the leading Metaverses.

When it comes to measuring campaigns, Metaverse ads fall under a similar category as banner ads or a billboard campaign in the real world. Often, when a client runs a campaign in the Metaverse, we share the campaign and content on social media, leading to messages from investors and partners about the innovative campaign. This has sometimes resulted in new partnerships and investors coming in, as the company establishes itself as an industry leader.

Is it worth to run paid ads campaign in the Metaverse?

I would say that its defiantly worth for GameFi & DeFi in order to establish leadership in Web3 and get brand awareness.

At @LunarStrategy we are currently running a campaign with @NFTPlazas 👋 pic.twitter.com/wJxy38dffo

— Tim Haldorsson (@TimHaldorsson) January 10, 2023

Where do you see the future of Metaverse advertising?

I think we have an interesting time ahead with Metaverse advertising. We already see large players such as Meta and NFT Plazas working on creating more virtual experiences that people want to learn about. This includes everything from virtual events to other experiences and where there is an audience then there will always be an opportunity for advertising. 

However, campaigns are going more towards value marketing, for example ads that are linking towards a free guide or something that gives direct value to the end user.

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