University of Nicosia is holding a metaverse competition

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University of Nicosia (UNIC), a world leader in crypto and blockchain education and research, will be joining forces with the team behind Next Top Metaverse Build – a ground-breaking NFT architecture competition.


The competition of the University of Nicosia will be open to architects

The competition, dubbed a ‘buildathon,’ will be available to architects, 3D designers. In addition developers of all backgrounds who will compete in developing metaverse-optimized buildings, architecture, in-game elements, virtual designs, and other types of setups.

The University of Nicosia’s Department of Architecture, ARC, will dedicate and conduct an intensive 1-week educational session during which students will have the opportunity to research, create, and design for the metaverse competition as part of the cooperation.

Moreover for NFT architecture, the competition and workshop will provide access to industry-leading mentorship and support.

GDA Capital, a leading digital asset firm, hosts the competition

GDA Capital, a major digital asset firm, and Renovi. The preeminent marketplace for infrastructure-related metaverse design, development. And architecture, are hosting the competition.

Decentraland, the largest open-source 3D virtual world platform. Additionally the Metaverse Group, a major metaverse investment company focused on virtual real estate, are two other competition partners. These organizations’ mentors and supporters will actively participate in the competition.

Students will compete for a variety of rewards. Moreover including software subscriptions, Decentraland property portions (now valued at a minimum of roughly $11,000). And Renovi (RNVI) tokens worth up to $50,000.

About Next Top Metaverse Build

Next Top Metaverse Build is a first-of-its-kind ‘buildathon’ that pits architects, designers, and developers against each other to create metaverse-optimized buildings, NFT galleries, festival grounds, in-game materials, and more. In addition students and the growing community of aspiring metaverse designers and developers who wish to push the metaverse forward will be able to compete in the competition.


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