Universal Studios Announces NFT Scavenger Hunt for Halloween

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Halloween is roughly a month away and once it arrives, millions of people around the world can enjoy trick-or-treating, costume parties, and all the traditional activities of the season. But Universal Studios, in partnership with MoonPay, is planning something a bit less traditional for Halloween 2022; an NFT scavenger hunt. 

It has been announced that on October 31, 2022, visitors to Universal Studios theme parks in California and Florida will be able to redeem NFTs by participating in a scavenger hunt.

How the Hunt Will Take Place

On the day, 7 QR codes will be hidden at different locations in the parks. Once they are scanned, the NFTs will automatically mint and it has been reported that up to 7 million NFTs could potentially be minted. 

Those who are lucky and eagle-eyed enough to spot all 7 QR codes will receive a special NFT that comes with exclusive perks. These types of activities are not unusual for Halloween but this puts a unique, web3-based spin on them. 

And beyond the novelty of winning NFTs and enjoying a scavenger hunt on Halloween, there is also a long-term benefit for the companies. As MoonPay CEO Ivan Soto-Wright said in a statement to Fortune, customer engagement data can also be gotten from this. 

If you’re CMO (chief marketing officer), you’re thinking okay, how do I increase the LTV? How do I deepen the engagement with my end customer? And this is one just really good example,” he said.

Source: https://nftplazas.com/universal-studios-announces-nft-scavenger-hunt-for-halloween/

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