Universal Music Group Partners With Avatar Tech Company ‘Genies’

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Universal Music Group (UMG) have partnered with leading avatar technology company Genies, in an initiative to develop the virtual avatars and digital wearables of the artists signed to the world-leading music corporation. The agreement will build on an earlier partnership between the two companies, which saw the initial introduction of UMG-signed recording artists to the metaverse.

The collaboration will equip megastar artists on the UMG roster with a distinct and official virtual identity. From here, artists’ virtual identities will have limitless opportunities to present themselves across the metaverse, where they can interact and engage with fans in creative and authentic ways that would be unimaginable before the advent of Web 3.0. The partnership will also enable UMG-signed artists to release exclusive avatar wearables for their fans to collect and use to kit-out their own metaverse avatars.

Genies is a leading avatar technology company that brings the power of NFTs and crypto to culture through its mission to own the virtual being identity layer. Their success in creating virtual beings in the form of avatars has led to them being coined the decentralized Disney of the metaverse .

As such coinage may infer, UMG are most certainly not the first major music-label that Genies have collaborated with. In May of this year they formed a partnership with Warner Music Group, seeing them become the official avatar and wearable NFT partner for all Warner Music Group-signed artists. They have also collaborated with many other major music labels, such as Def Jam, RocNation and Island, where they created virtual identities for the likes of Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Shaun Mendes, and many more.

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Source: https://nftplazas.com/universal-music-group-partners-with-avatar-tech-company-genies/

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