UniSwap Integrates Sudoswap to Boost its NFT Prowess

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In preparation for the launch of its own NFT platform, automated market maker UniSwap is integrating the powers of decentralized NFT marketplace Sudoswap. The news broke through a tweet made by the company’s head of NFT products Scott Gray, who, to show that the integration had already begun, attached an image which showed ‘pool data already flowing in’. 

The integration will essentially allow users of Uniswap’s upcoming NFT market aggregation product to efficiently purchase NFTs whilst accessing on-chain liquidity that’s offered by sudoAMM, Sudoswap’s automated market maker.

sudoAMM was only released by Sudoswap on July 8th. As an automated market maker, it allows digital assets to be traded automatically using liquidity pools, as opposed to traditional marketplace methods that require buyers to be matched with sellers. As it aggregates data from experimental NFT protocols (in addition to more traditional ones), its onboarding indicates that Uniswap’s upcoming NFT market aggregation product won’t just be bound to sourcing data from the likes of OpenSea or LooksRare. 

Uniswap’s NFT market aggregation product is expected to launch sometime in Autumn 2022. Instead of hosting NFTs on its own platform, the company plans for the platform to give users the ability to access NFTs from multiple marketplaces all from one spot.

In addition to the integration of Sudoswap, the preparation for Uniswap’s NFT market aggregation product launch also saw Uniswap acquire NFT aggregator Genie last month.

Source: https://nftplazas.com/uniswap-sudoswap-nft-prowess/

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