UniArts DAO launches its recruitment process,Join us!

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Uniarts Network

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For a country to continue to prosper, it is essential to have a stable population, a system that fits the national context, and a core of talented decision-makers. These three elements correspond to cohesion, system, and talent.

UniArts Network, a start-up in the Crypto space, understands the importance of these three elements and realizes that the Crypto space is more about community building than any other industry. With the growing infrastructure of Web 3.0, some people are already trying to form decentralized organizations or DAOs, and are already having some success, with people using what they are good at and contributing to the organization.

It is worth noting that members of DAOs have a greater sense of collective pride than most members of the Crypto project community. This stems from the fact that different DAOs have their visions, and those who join a DAO are very much in agreement with the vision of the DAO and are willing to provide “proof of workload”, while also reaping the benefits. Members of the Crypto project community do not necessarily share the vision of the project and may be short-term speculators, not to mention contributors to the community.

For this reason, it is reasonable to assume that it would be more beneficial to incorporate the Crypto vision and establish a DAO to attract more people to the project who share the vision. This could be interpreted as a company recruiting employees who recognize the values of the company, and the former will add more value to the company than those who come in purely for a salary.

The UniArts Network’s vision is to discover the fair value of NFT “from the bottom up” through a customized economic model around NFT. ultimately becoming the largest curatorial application chain. To better realize this vision, UniArts Network officials have decided to establish the UniArts DAO and to allocate 10% of the total UART to fund the development of the UniArts DAO and to find more members who share the values of the UniArts Network.

What is UniArts DAO?

The UniArts DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization officially launched by the UniArts Network and run by people who recognize the vision of the UniArts Network project and are willing to contribute to the effort to make it a reality.

Contributions can be anything that contributes to the development of the UniArts Network, including the following but not limited to.

1) Language; translation of official UniArts Network published content into local languages to facilitate the promotion of UniArts Network values locally.

2) Writing; outputting their own ideas to form an essay based on their understanding of the UniArts Network.

3) Operations; coordinating the work of DAO members, organizing and planning online operations, planning and promoting the activity of UniArts Network social media (Twitter, Telegraph, Youtube, Ins, etc.).

4) Market; find suitable places to put the latest UniArts Network news, both online and offline; organize and plan offline activities in the local area to export the UniArts Network concept, for example, invite local well-known artists and blockchain practitioners to participate in the activities after reaching cooperation with offline galleries; do offline curation for artists who cooperate with UniArts Network; do advocacy in universities; do doing offline curation; making presentations at universities.

5) Business; including but not limited to entering into cooperation with blockchain KOL relations, NFT KOL relations, famous IP relations, offline and online gallery relations, artist relations, blockchain project parties, local university relations, and other third parties that contribute to the development of UniArts Network, the cooperation plan can be jointly drawn up after consultation with operations and marketing.

6) Visuals; producing MEME emojis, videos, etc. related to UniArts Network, assisting in the design of posters for marketing, operations, etc…

7) Proposals; including general proposals, strategic proposals, project proposals, etc.

“General proposals” for the points you have identified as worthy of optimization in the current UniArts Network.

“Strategic Proposal” is where you see the UniArts Network or UniArts DAO going next.

A “project proposal” is an important operational strategy of the same magnitude as the launch of the UniArts DAO, but needs to be centered on the development of the UniArts Network.

The above seven areas can be considered as different guilds within UniArts DAO, each of which is made up of the same type of talent, and each UniArts DAO member can choose to join as many guilds as he or she is able.

UniArts DAO membership incentives and systems

UniArts Network officials will launch a “UART Vault” in the UniArts DAO to reward UniArts DAO members who make valid contributions. Early decisions on the validity of contributions will be made by the UniArts DAO Committee, which is composed of official UniArts Network staff.

As the UniArts DAO becomes more stable, it is considered that the committee will gradually be transferred to new members and that the “UART vault” will be controlled by a multi-signatory wallet, with the private keys of the vault held by different members of the committee. In addition, each guild will have its own mini-vault, controlled by several members of the respective guild, all of whom will be voted in by that guild.

The UniArts Network official will allocate funds to the “UART Vault” according to the total quarterly budget, and the “UART Vault” committee will then allocate funds to the “Guild Vault”. If the total quarterly budget is depleted and needs to be increased, the UART Treasury Committee will apply to the government for additional UART funding.

For events proposed, led, and ultimately profitable by UniArts DAO, 30% of the profit is attributable to UniArts

Official; 30% to the “UART Vault”; 40% to all UniArts DAO’s involved in this event

members, with specific allocations considered based on the member’s contribution.

The Committee’s responsibilities and basic organizational guidelines

UniArts DAO Committee: The members control the private key of the “UART Vault” and are responsible for deciding whether the events completed by each guild are valid, whether the events initiated are moving forward, and for deciding the total financial expenses, including the total operating costs and the total UART incentive payment. The committee will be composed of the official UniArts Network members in the early stages and will be elected by the UniArts DAO members in the later stages, with a total of 4–6 places open and replaced quarterly.

Guild committees: members control the private key to the “guild treasury” and are responsible for the financial expenses required to implement the important decisions adopted by the UniArts DAO committee, including the basic costs of running the guild and the payment of UART incentives to the guild members; not established in the early years, but will be elected by a vote of the respective guild members at a later stage and will be replaced every The membership of the UniArts DAO Committee will need to include at least1 one UniArts DAO Committee member.

In general, the following basic guidelines will be upheld throughout the organization.

1) Operations, marketing, proposals, etc. with budgetary requirements need to first initiate an application to the UniArts DAO committee and once approved can begin to move forward with the next step.

2) Any content involving third parties working with the UniArts brand, whether or not there is a budget involved, must be initiated with the UniArts DAO Committee and fully discussed before a decision can be made.

3) Something that does not require a budget to be used and must not negatively impact the UniArts Network brand.

4) The UniArts DAO Committee has decision-making power on whether to move forward on major events; the Guild Committees do not have decision-making power.

5) 1–1.5hour of weekly voice to prioritize events that have been approved for application as well as to synchronize important updates from the UniArts Network for the participation of UniArts DAO members to work with.

6) Discord for communication tools and Notion for collaboration tools.

How do I join the UniArts DAO?

To ensure that members of the UniArts DAO fully understand the vision of the UniArts Network, please click on the link below to take a small set of quizzes to test the depth of your understanding of the UniArts Network and to gather information about you:


Until then you have been studying the UniArts Network content through the following channels:

Official website|Medium|Gallery

You can also learn about the latest ideas from the UniArts Network by clicking on the below:

UniArt Impossible Art Formula Gallery NFT Appreciation Vote Mining

Ideology Methodology Of UniArts

How UniArts Works And What It Is Trying To Do

If you pass the test, you will receive an official notification from UniArts Network, so keep an eye on your email or telegram. In particular, to thank you for your interest in the UniArts Network, UniArts officials will give away $500 UART to each member who passes the test.

If you do not pass the test, you will also receive official notification from UniArts Network and if there is a real strong desire to join the UniArts DAO, UniArts Network will arrange for individual staff to train you and you will be able to join the UniArts DAO once you have met the criteria.

UniArts DAO Membership NFT

Members who successfully join UniArts DAO through the test will be eligible for free Mint UniArts DAO Membership NFT in the future.

UniArts DAO Membership NFT is a symbol of membership in UniArts DAO, a proof of access to the relevant channels of the UniArts DAO Discord, and a priority right to enjoy the various benefits and rights offered by the official UniArts Network in the future.

The UniArts Network officially plans to issue 500one UniArts DAO Membership NFT initially and will choose to destroy or issue additional NFTs at a later stage depending on the saturation of the UniArts DAO operations, with the decision to issue or destroy additional NFTs being made by a joint vote of all UniArts DAO members.

The UniArts DAO Membership NFT will have a more refined operational roadmap in the future.

UniArts HighLight

To date, the UniArts team has been awarded a Web3 Grant in the Development Tools and Applications categories for SR25519 (Ruby Substate Client) and UniScan NFT Browser, respectively, and the UniArts team has also been awarded an official Polygon Grant.

UniArts Network has partnered with a number of KOLs and held AMAs in influential communities to promote the ideas of UniArts Network, who have a global following of 10 million people;

UniArts Network joined forces with CryptoArtPanda to host a major event at CryptoVoxel, with the main objective of bringing crypto art to the world, with UniArts Network’s branding featured in 10several pavilions on CryptoVoxels and gaining the official attention of CryptoVoxels.

UniArts Network’s gallery “The Impossible Art Formula” was first launched in the Polygon eco-system on 202110January15 and then in the BSC eco-system on 2412January, where users can Staking UART/WETH vote for their favorite NFTs, and then get more UARTs.

The UniArts Network’s MetaVerse Gallery at CryptoVoxel was officially opened on the 202112month25 of January, and has joined forces with 11a number of partners to exhibit their official NFT work.

UART has gone2021 live with both PancakeSwap and Quickswap to open trades on the 12month26 of January.

UniArts’ mainnet has been launched and supported by Subscan with:


Uniarts from @Polkadot ecosystem now supports Ethereum Virtual Machine — EVM (Ethereum favored WebAssembly)

Currently, #UniArts #Network has completed the framework upgrade of substrate 3.0 and the online #EVM module.

Concluding Remarks

UniArts Network understands that it takes more talented people to work together to achieve a great vision, and for this reason, the UniArts Network team sincerely welcomes all talented people to join the UniArts DAO and work together to achieve discovery of fair value in NFT!

By joining the UniArts DAO, the relationship between individuals and Crypto projects will no longer be just short-term speculation, but a long-term partnership where individual skills and resources can be combined to form a powerful collective force to bring about change in the art world. Little by little you will witness the expansion of the UniArts network, the gradual discovery of the fair value of any NFT, and the birth of the largest and most powerful chain of curatorial applications.

You can contact UniArts Network officials directly with any questions you may have by contacting.

UniArts Official Staff TelegramTelegram

UniArts Official Twitter

UniArts Official Telegram | UniArts Official Discord

About UniArts Network

UniArts is an Exhibition and IDO platform for NFTs with value discovery as its core feature. It also provides Art-Fi features that covers NFT voting incentives, DAO curation, NFT financing and artworks NFT gaming, to better bond & connect fine art NFTs with the community. UniArts is also developing its substrate-based network with EVMs powered smart contracts for NFT infrastructures.

Website | Twitter

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