Undervalued: Unextinct, Somethings Not Right, World’s Coldest Movie Ticket, and More

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Traversing the world of non-fungibles is a daunting task. With so many new NFT projects, artists, and large-scale collections cropping up weekly, it has become nearly impossible to keep up with all the new and exciting happenings.

Previously, all that was needed to find the latest NFT craze was a simple browse through OpenSea. But things have changed drastically since the 2021 NFT boom. Now, NFT enthusiasts have to be really mindful of what and where they collect.

To aid in the unearthing of awe-inspiring NFT endeavors both new and old nft now presents Undervalued: a weekly column highlighting innovative projects, collections, and artists pushing the NFT space forward.


1655498420 Spixs Macaw 1200x480 1
Photos of Spix’s Macaw taken by Tim Flach, courtesy of Project Unextinct

Unextinct, launched on June 11, 2022, is a multi-piece NFT project honoring the Spix’s Macaw — which recently became the first species to go “unextinct.” With a group of the birds released in Bahia state, Brazil, wildlife photographer Tim Flach partnered with Atlas Labs and the Association for the Conservation of Threatened Parrots (ACTP) on Project Unextinct: a collection of images of Spix’s Macaw.

NFTs have been utilized for a wide variety of philanthropic and humanitarian causes over the past year. From NFTs to save human lives to NFTs for war relief, Project Unextinct follows in the footsteps of impactful collections as the latest project to help fund conservation efforts for endangered animal species. Featuring three 1/1 NFTs as well as three edition pieces, Unextinct NFTs allow for their owners to take active participation in conservation efforts, with one tree to be planted in the Brazilian Caatinga for every sale as part of an effort to restore the Spix’s natural habitat.

Somethings Not Right

My first collection ‘Somethings Not Right’ releases this Monday, 9/20 @ 11:00AM PST. 20 pieces, priced at .15 & .2 🖤 pic.twitter.com/41LvSNmboW

— Ponygirl (@_ponygirl) September 17, 2021

Somethings Not Right, launched September 20, 2021, is a surreal photo collection from photographer turned crypto-artist Ponygirl. A unique entry into the photography NFT space, the collection features pieces that live on the border between beauty and fear. Having first become involved in the weird wide world of nonfungibles in 2021, Ponygirl’s artistic prowess has earned her accolades across the NFT market, leading to her being featured as part of nft now’s ongoing Next Up series.

Although Somethings Not Right acted as Ponygirl’s entrance into the space, her works, which often ride the line between fantasy and introspection, have continued to capture the attention of collectors and fellow artists within the NFT community. As she continues to mint unique, contemplative creations, Ponygirl has mostly flown under the radar, with Somethings Not Right yet to sell out.

World’s Coldest Movie Ticket

1655498429 Iceman Coldest Movie Ticket
1655498434 Iceman Flyer
1655498436 Iceman Insert Name

The World’s Coldest Movie ticket, launched April 18, 2022, is part of an ongoing collection from The Iceman — a forthcoming film about the impossible journey to complete the first-ever long-distance triathlon in Antarctica. By purchasing a Coldest Movie Ticket NFT, collectors receive access to the virtual world premiere event in July 2022, virtual meet-ups with the stars of the movie, and more.

In lew of accepting a $1.25 million production to complete the film, Yes Theory, the company behind the movie, opted to crowdfund the endeavor via NFTs. In this way, they were able to ensure that the crew behind filming the death-defying venture would retain creative control of all assets surrounding the movie. As each NFT within the Iceman Movie collection yields a unique reward for holders, the project exists as an interesting use case for funding films and bootstrapping web3 communities.

Lacoste UNDW3

P̵r̵o̵b̵a̵b̵l̵y̵ Definitely nothing.😏 #UNDW3pic.twitter.com/a0lr7ljs3R

— Lacoste (@LACOSTE) June 11, 2022

Lacoste UNDW3, launched June 16, 2022, is the inaugural NFT project from legacy French clothing company Lacoste. Featuring 11,212 NFTs, the collection is said to be the start of a new era for Lacoste, and one that will see web3 pioneers joining the brand in creating collaborative fashion experiences.

Similar to NFT endeavors launched by Adidas, Gucci, The Hundreds, and more, this latest undertaking from Lacoste provides another example of a legacy brand seizing an opportunity to become involved in NFTs. As more influential companies move to leverage blockchain tech to bridge the gap between their web2 and web3 consumers, best practices for community building and value delivery continue to be established.

Bubblegoose Ballers

1655498439 Bubblegoose Ballers Header 1200x400 1
Bubblegoose Ballers

Bubblegoose Ballers, launched June 13, 2022, is a large-scale PFP project created on the Solana blockchain by actor/producer Carl Jones. Best known for his work as a writer, director, and producer on cult-classic TV series The Boondocks, Jones is hoping to use Bubblegoose Ballers as a way to spearhead the next generation of creative talent.

Inspired by Jones’ childhood growing up in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Bubblegoose Ballers are characterized by their bold bubble goose down jackets — which were a status symbol throughout Jones’s early life. As Jones is aiming to build a new type of multimedia company that allows community-wide creative participation in projects, collectors of these geese-themed NFTs have the opportunity to play an integral part in Bubblegoose Ballers projects going forward.

Source: https://nftnow.com/collectibles/undervalued-unextinct-somethings-not-right-worlds-coldest-movie-ticket-and-more/

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