Undervalued: Party Degenerates, The Walking Dead Avatars, and More

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Traversing the world of non-fungibles is a daunting task. With so many new NFT projects, artists, and large-scale collections cropping up weekly, it’s become nearly impossible to keep up with every subsequent development.

In the past, a simple browse of OpenSea was enough to find the latest NFT craze. But things have changed drastically since the 2021 NFT boom. Now, NFT enthusiasts have to be acutely mindful of what and where they collect.

To aid in the unearthing of awe-inspiring NFT endeavors both new and old, nft now presents Undervalued: a weekly column highlighting innovative projects, collections, and artists pushing the NFT space forward.

Party Degenerates

1665158707 party degenerates avatars
Three Party Degenerates Avatars. Credit: Party Degenerates

Party Degenerates, launched on October 17, 2021, is a PFP NFT collection led by prominent collector/investor Seedphrase and entrepreneurs Aleks Knapic and Raluca Cherciu. Featuring a total of 10,000 NFTs, each token within the collection was designed in part by prominent crypto artists Blake Kathryn, Cory Van Lew, FVCKRENDER, Hackatao, and others.

Party Degenerates boasts an impressive list of membership benefits, including virtual and in-person events, exclusive merch, commercial rights, access to parties around the world, and more. As one of the first generative avatar projects to drop without revealing any of the collectible artwork before the mint, Party Degenerates comes complete with a philanthropic mission by reserving 10% of all secondary sales to be put toward supporting artists and musicians.

The Walking Dead 3D Avatars

MINTING NOW: The @WalkingDead_AMC 3D NFT Avatar Mint is open to the public 🌎

Play with some of your fave characters from TWD such as Rick, Daryl and Michonne in the upcoming B2E/P2E TWD Lands Universe!

Grab yours here: https://t.co/eDer0UgiDg

— Orange Comet (@OrangeCometNFT) October 5, 2022

The Walking Dead Lands 3D Avatars, launched on October 4, 2022, is the latest public NFT drop from Orange Comet and hit AMC franchise “The Walking Dead” (TWD). The collection, which features 5,000 lifelike 3D hand-sculpted recreations of the show’s most famous characters, is the third release from the TWD x Orange Comet series.

In contrast to preceding collections, this 3D avatar collection coincides with The Walking Dead Lands — a post-apocalyptic open-world build-and-earn digital experience based on TWD universe. To access The Walking Dead Lands, fans and collectors will need to collect at least one avatar, making this specific drop the start of the growing Web3 experience.

RAC Architecture

1665158710 rac hong kong.png
Hong Kong NFT. Credit RAC

Architecture, launched on December 16, 2021, is a collection of architectural photography NFTs created by GRAMMY-award-winning producer RAC. While, as a musician, RAC established himself as a prominent and successful part of the NFT space, Architecture is a departure from his normal releases.

Comprised of 14 photographs, Architecture is a unique use-case of a multidisciplinary artist branching out from usual release routines. As individuality has been said to be a marker of success in the NFT market, RAC’s numerous endeavors continued to exemplify the many ways through which creators can leverage their talents in Web3.

Riot Girls

RIOT GIRLS is the first NFT collection that represents women of different ages and (very) different body types.

Pussy Riot x @supergremplin 🍡 Feb 14 pic.twitter.com/kEjcsn1Zid

— 𝖕𝖚𝖘𝖘𝖞 𝖗𝖎𝖔𝖙💦 (@pussyrrriot) February 12, 2022

Riot Girls, launched on February 14, 2022, is musician, activist, and content creator Pussy Riot‘s new PFP project created in collaboration with popular crypto-artist Gremplin. Featuring 666 NFTs, Riot Girls is billed as the first collection to represent women of different ages.

Featuring a broad variety of both hand-drawn and generative NFTs, Riot Girls is unique in the way that the collection consists of unique holder and burn rewards that help transform the collection over time. Considering the high-profile nature of the collaborative endeavor, Riot Girls exists as a testament to collaboration and inclusion.

Huxley Comics

Would you look at that there’s GOLD on FURY-7. ✨ Central A.I. has secured the limited 100 supply for Issue 1: FIRST EDITION holders only.

This is just the beginning…
Mint now @ https://t.co/yy8J8NYdpU#huxleysaga#nfts#nftcollectorpic.twitter.com/A8LhcT6C2O

— HUXLEY™ (@huxleysaga) October 15, 2021

HUXLEY Comics, launched on October 15, 2021, is a graphic novel universe created by renowned sci-fi concept artist Ben Mauro. Currently featuring nearly 30,000 pieces, the HUXLEY Comics collection is a continuously growing supply of dynamic comic NFTs said to be six issues long.

Huxley presents collectors and readers with a post-apocalyptic universe set in the desolate wastelands of a planet gripped by nuclear war. The HUXLEY ecosystem is split between avatar and comic NFT collection and has been said by Mauro to be a project “a decade in the making.”

Source: https://nftnow.com/collectibles/undervalued-party-degenerates-walking-dead-avatars/

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