Ubisoft VR experience could pave the way of documentaries

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The VR experience Notre Dame on Fire from Ubisoft could pave the way for future VR documentaries to be more intimate and educational.

Each year, video games as a medium evolve. Virtual reality games have gone this a step further by immersing players as much as possible in the places and tales. Which is something that Ubisoft’s new virtual reality (VR) immersive game is guaranteed to do.

The Notre Dame on Fire experience, created by Ubisoft, is based on the same-named documentary made by Jean-Jacques Annaud. Which follows the efforts of Parisian firemen on April 19, 2019, when the Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire.

Audiences across the world will be able to obtain a feeling of the actions. “Which would have saved the cathedral against all odds through the VR experience and the film Notre-Dame en feu”.

Ubisoft’s “Notre-Dame on Fire“, a milestone in VR experiences.

This collaboration between Notre Dame on Fire and its virtual reality experience distinguishes it from other similar films produced throughout the years. Documentaries and docudramas in general can be engaging and exciting methods to learn more about the world around users. However, combining them with virtual reality experiences opens up great future possibilities that are both interesting and accessible. While virtual reality headgear may be uncomfortable for some, the format does open up a world of possibilities.

Although the communal puzzle-solving that is a feature of the Notre Dame on Fire experience may not be ideal for documentaries, Ubisoft’s initiative can establish a good foundation. VR experiences might be the way to completely engage people in the tales they convey. Rather than focusing on streaming documentaries through platforms like Amazon Prime Video or Netflix in the future.

Source: https://metanews.com/ubisoft-virtual-reality-experience-of-the-notre-dame-fire-could-be-the-future-of-documentaries/

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