Ubisoft and Take Two Fly Under the Radar with Horizon Investment

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Following a very vocal condemnation of NFT technology from the wider gaming community, it seems the big guns have changed their Web3 tactics, now seeing both Take-Two and Ubisoft go low key by investing in existing blockchain-based projects.

In the latest turn of events, the mighty duo participated in the recent $40 million funding round by indie developer, Horizon. A pioneering Web3 outfit currently making waves with its flagship card battling title, Skyweaver. Therefore, allowing both companies to deal their Web3 cards under the table, away from the hawk-like eyes of the angry mob.

1/ We’re thrilled to announce we’ve raised $40m in our Series A to make #web3 easy, fun, and powerful for users and builders 💜https://t.co/vPtN1rclc7

— Horizon (@0xHorizon) October 4, 2022

Recently, Ubisoft played down its NFT involvement while continuing to work in the shadows. Apparently, trying to placate the waves of outrage while also investigating applications of Web3 technology. This has resulted in an impressive juggling act that has so far worked wonders for the tactical gaming giant.

Both Take-Two and Ubisoft played a significant role in Horizon’s latest round of funding, however, Brevan Howard Digital and Morgan Creek Digital led the show with other significant backers including Polygon, Bitkraft and Everyrealm. Going forward, the team will use the funds to develop and grow Skyweaver, push forward with its Niftyswap marketplace, and roll out its Web3 developer platform and wallet, Sequence.

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